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Revitalize Tri Delta Transit is a comprehensive analysis that will explore ways to improve transit service in eastern Contra Costa County.

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What is this project about?

Revitalize Tri Delta Transit is a comprehensive analysis of Tri Delta Transit’s transit system, which will take an in-depth look at the existing bus service in East County to improve it for those who rely on it most.

Although Tri Delta Transit is providing more hours than before the pandemic, ridership is significantly lower. This is partly due to a shift in pre-pandemic commuter work schedules. Revitalize Tri Delta Transit provides an opportunity to rebuild ridership by updating the transit network so it reflects changing transit rider needs – especially among transit-dependent riders.


Tri Delta Transit wants to hear from you about what changes you would like to see.


Your input will help inform the development of a range of options for making the transit system work for our riders!

Share your priorities, concerns, and needs for transit in East County to help Tri Delta Transit better our service! Look for us at upcoming community events, transit stations, and take our online survey:

How long is this project?


April - July 2024

Existing Conditions Analysis

Review transit system, usage, demographics, and travel patterns.


June - July

Community Feedback on Existing Conditions

​Understand community transit needs.


July - September

Development of Draft Service Alternatives

Identify potential service improvements and develop recommendations based on community need.


October - November

Community Feedback on Draft Service Alternatives

Share recommendations and obtain feedback.


December 2024 - April 2025

Development of Final Service Alternatives

Finalize service recommendations.


May - July 2025

Public Presentation of Final Service Alternative

Share final service changes.

Contact Us

If you have comments or questions about Revitalize Tri Delta Transit please reach out to the project team.

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